Alexander Konychev in fifth place

28 april 2024 –

Alexander Konychev in fifth place at the 62nd Cherry Blossom Race Wels UCI 1.2

The traditional classic through the cherry blossom around Wels took place this year for the first time as a UCI 1.2 race over 169 kilometers. Lukas Meiler, who crashed heavily in Italy last Sunday, was back in the race today, as was Colin Stüssi, who returned after a bout of bronchitis. However, neither of them had anything to do with the outcome of the race.

This was largely determined by Italian newcomer Alexander Konychev. In the finale, the 25-year-old launched several attacks and repeatedly decimated the nine-rider strong leading group. Konychev opened the sprint for the day’s victory too early and was “overrun” by four riders.

The winner was the Czech Lukas Kubis (Elkov-Kasper) ahead of Emanuel Zangerle from the home team Felt-Felbermayr (AUT). Third place went to Roger Kluge (GER – Rad-net), the experienced pro who rode in the World Tour for eight years.

Summary Alexander Konychev: “Last year Jaka Primozic started early on the last kilometer and won. I wanted to do the same today, but it hasn’t worked (yet). But I’m on the right track and now I’m looking forward to the race in Vorarlberg on Wednesday!”


CV Alexander Konychev:

Line-up Team Vorarlberg: Dominik Amann, Jannis Peter, Lukas Meiler, Lukas Rüegg, Pirmin Benz, Alexander Konychev, Lukas Rüegg;

Next race: Home race on May 1st at the 13th GP Vorarlberg UCI 1.2!

The stage is set for the 13th edition of the cycling classic in Vorarlberg next Wednesday. It will be a tough “day of work” for Team Vorarlberg against the competition of 24 teams.

All information can be found on the new homepage:

The race will be broadcast live on ORF TV from 13.30 to 15.30, as well as on the social media channels.

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