Team Vorarlberg captain Lukas Meiler gives the all-clear

23 april 2024 –

Team Vorarlberg captain Lukas Meiler gives the all-clear – injured, but soon fit again after a fall at the Giro della Romagna

“After falling on a stationary TV motorcycle in the final of the Giro della Romagna in Italy, I can give the all-clear today. After extensive examinations, I did not suffer any fractures. The sternoclavicular joint, the joint between the collarbone and breastbone, is dislocated or small ligaments are torn. But these should heal. Plus bruises on ribs, arms and hips. But these won’t hinder me for long so I can get back to training soon. So I can say I’m lucky after this nasty crash!” said Lukas Meiler in a statement

On Sunday we’re going to the UCI 1.2 cherry blossom race in Wels

Next Sunday the Vorarlberg team will be heading to the next classic. The cherry blossom race to Wels over 170 kilometers. This year for the first time as a UCI race in category 1.2.

Felix Stehli in action at the Tour de Romandie

The Swiss newcomer Felix Stehli will be in action with the Swiss national team at the Tour de Romandie from today until Sunday. A race of the World Tour.

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