No sense of achievement for a weakened Team Vorarlberg

24 maart 2024 –

No sense of achievement for a weakened Team Vorarlberg at the national cycling league opener in Leonding – Lukas Meiler in sixth place

It was clear from the start! It would be difficult to be at the front today. Moran Vermeulen, Colin Stüssi and Felix Stehli had to miss out due to illness. The 153-kilometer race in Leonding turned into an elimination race.

Lukas Meiler and Lukas Rüegg were among the front runners until the final. Meiler attacked in the final and finished sixth in the sprint from the small leading group. Rüegg, also battered, finished twelfth today.

The winner after almost four hours and changeable weather was the Slovenian Jaka Primozic (Hrinkow Adavarics).

The team now has some eventful times behind it. After returning from the training camp, the team meeting, photo shoot, filming with our new eyewear partner react, specialist presentation at our recovery partner Samina and the impressive team presentation in front of a large audience on Friday evening. Now it’s time to recover well, get fit and stay on schedule. The season is still long and has many races to come.


Line-up Team Vorarlberg: Dominik Amann, Laurin Nenning, Daniel Heidegger, Nikolas Riegler, Jannis Peter, Lukas Meiler, Jon Knolle, Pirmin Benz, Lukas Rüegg, Alexander Konychev, Tomoya Koyama;

Press service Team Vorarlberg

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