Moran Vermeulen nominated for the Olympic squad in Paris

7 februari 2024 –

Tour of Antalya UCI 2.1 – ready for race!
Moran Vermeulen nominated for the Olympic squad in Paris

Tomorrow marks the start of the 26th season for Team Vorarlberg in Turkey at the Tour of Antalya. The first stage starts in Side and ends in Antalya. The UCI 2.1 tour over four stages is top-staffed with numerous pro teams from the highest categories.

Unfortunately, Moran Vermeulen and German newcomer Jannis Peter were unable to make the trip due to short-term viral illnesses. A flight was organized for Tomoya Koyama yesterday.

 Moran Vermeulen: “I was fit all winter and would have been ready for Antalya. I’m annoyed because I was really looking forward to the early season opener. You can choose a lot of things, but the body still has a say. There are still a lot of races on the calendar. Now the focus is on Rhodes at the beginning of March!”

Stage overview

  • 08.02. Stage 1 Side – Antalya 147.7 km
  • 09.02. Stage 2 Demre – Antalya 140.5 km
  • 10.02. Stage 3 Kemer – Tahtali 133.5 km
  • 11.02. Stage 4 Antalya – Antalya 183.9 km


Team Vorarlberg Tour of Antalya UCI 2.1 squad: Dominik Amann, Tomoya Koyama, Lukas Meiler, Felix Stehli, Colin Stüssi, Jon Knolle;

Moran Vermeulen on the “long list” for the Olympics!
National coach Stefan Sölkner has nominated Team Vorarlberg pro Moran Vermeulen to the Austrian squad for Paris. It is a long list of the best professionals – mostly from the World Tour teams. So it is all the more pleasing that with Moran Vermeulen, a Team Vorarlberg pro now also has a legitimate chance at the Olympics. The team will do everything in its power to ensure that this path ends with a start in Paris!

Press service Team Vorarlberg

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